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The purpose of this article is to explore what happens when an animal is "put to sleep" and how to handle the grief from losing a pet. I know some of you will not want to read this. I absolutely understand.

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For the Love of Lucie: PART TWO OF TWO  Lucie saves me

 BOSTON TERRIER NETWORK: This is Part Two of Two.  In Part One we were introduced to how Lucie was rescued and adopted. Now we will learn how saving Lucie's life resulted in this Boston saving her owner.

One evening, I was sitting on the couch, and Lucie was laying on my lap. She rolled over and looked up at me, and it suddenly dawned on me. She…

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For the Love of Lucie: PART ONE OF TWO  Saving Lucie

BOSTON TERRIER NETWORK: Every once in a while we are told on the news how a dog was saved by the owner, only to have the dog save the owner. We are amazed at the strange consequence this appears to be. This story is from someone who experienced this first hand.


 So begins my story of how I saved a little Boston Terrier only to have her save me the followi…

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