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If you are considering surrendering your dog  to a local shelter

We have a dog we can no longer keep.  A neighbor gave him to us, but we just do not like this dog!


Make sure you have explored all of your options for keeping your pet before you make this difficult decision. It is a decision that is likely not only to disrupt the pet’s emotional stability and routine, but also members of your family unit, especially…

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We just had to share this opportunity!

We do not often have the distinct opportunity and pleasure to showcase other websites.

This website, the owner is a friend, we have been watching with amazement, not only his Bulldog collection, but his website. 

This must be paradise for our Bulldog friends! Even history buffs have a lot to attract them.

In the past we have even done several artic…

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Behavior: unsafe around my kids or other humans

I need to get rid of the dog. He is unsafe around my kids, me and other humans!!!  Who should I call, to come get him NOW!!!


 Wait! It is rare for a dog to just attack, there are signs. There is a reason why a dog might act aggressively.  You are in the best position to determine the root cause and work through it. Don’t pass it on to an unsuspe…

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