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Phoenix, the French Bulldog;True Story of a Cart Dog

Phoenix, a French Bulldog, was surrendered to a rescue in May 2015. Here is his background story.

At about one year of age Phoenix came to us as a foster. He had been recently diagnosed with Hemivertebra after he developed rear end weakness and started dragging his rear legs.

His owners didn't want to deal with a special needs dog.

Phoenix had to be transported nine h…

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 Understanding Swimmer Puppy Syndrome

 What is Swimmer Puppy Syndrome?


Swimmer Puppy Syndrome is a condition that occurs in very young puppies within their first two weeks of life. It is characterized by the flattening of the chest and abdomen, which makes it difficult for the puppies to stand, crawl or walk. It occurs most often in dwarf breeds such as the West Highland White Terrier, Cairn…

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Pixel's story,
"Pixel with her prayer blanket! She is doing very well! Vet calls her a miracle. Still confined and weak of course, but I have my baby back! So, grateful and blessed!"

Back on the first of November 2016 I became aware of Pixel and her owners pleas for help. Her owner, Gayle Gullick, was in great distress. “I have had Pixelpop since birth. She is my heart dog ". Pixe…

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