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Complaints about vet charges are common. Are they justified?One of the biggest criticisms leveled at veterinarians is the high cost of pet care.  Pet owners are equally likely to praise veterinarians for delivering high quality treatment as they are to lament the high prices of veterinary care and perceived poor value offered by veterinary practices.  Many pet owners feel that some veterinary treatments and procedure…

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 Shampoo For Your Pet - Which Kind Should You NOT Use?

Fluffy Needs A Bath!  How To Pick The Correct Shampoo?

When it comes to bathing your pets, it can be very tempting to reach for whatever shampoo you might have in your shower, or grab the dishwashing soap from your kitchen.





 While this may be okay every now and again, the regular use of human shampoo, even the baby “tear free”, can…

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EWWW!  My Dog Eats Cat Poop!

If you have cats and dogs you are more than likely battling to keep your dogs from “helping” you keep the cat’s litter box clean.  Perhaps you are still fighting the battle?  Maybe you have given up?






Hope is not lost.  There can be ways to win this war and in the process minimize your cat’s stress as well as your dog’…

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